We deeply understand our customers are not only account on our high performance and reliable products, but also need our professional support and service.

Our professional support and service are including:

  • Study and test:  Before purchasing, we perform series study and test in order to ensure the performance of our products
  • Process Optimization: Our experienced engineer can provide the optimized solution to adapt individual production setting
  • Commission: Our well trained technician not only will provide support on installation and tuning, but also will stay for staff training and start up assistance
  • After sale service: We offer a global 24 hour a day and 7 days a week non-stop assistance to reduce the cost of machine downtime. With such service, we can take an immediate action to start to work on your problem, ship the parts and send the technician or expert.
  • Spare parts: Thanks to the large inventory and mature logistic and manufacture environment, we can deliver the quality spare parts in a short period time