batch centri1

Our batch centrifugal products line can handle throughputs of 650 to 2,200 kg of massecuite per charge. Therefore, we are able to meet almost all of our customers’ requirements from small to large sugar centrifugal for operation in cane or beet sugar factories or refineries.

With the mature manufacture environment and highly skilled production force, we can offer the perfect size of centrifugal machine for any requirement within a short period of time and under a reasonable budget. In addition, our PLX batch centrifugal with high throughput rates is able to significantly reduce the investment and maintenance costs for its customers.

Based on years of sugar industry experience and today’s advance technology, our batch centrifugal has a lots of improvement and innovation comparing with the traditional batch centrifugal, such as centrifugal basket, discharger, syrup separator, control and drive system, and many other important parts.

We are using Siemens as our control hardware provider, which is the world leading control hardware producer and selling advance and reliable control hardware all over the world. After years of research and development, we developed control software for our batch centrifugal to adapt different requirements and hardware in order to achieve an overall optimization. As we have the full control of our control software, we can easily customize working process to satisfy our customers’ need.