Penglai Automation Factory (PAF)

Founded in 1991, Penglai Automation Factory (PAF) is a leading reputed manufacturer engaged in sugar industry equipment for more than 20 years. PAF is ISO 9001 certified and every PAF employee is responsible for maintaining the highest level of quality. PAF’s products are well recognized in Chinese sugar industry, which about 90% of sugar plants in China are using our products. PAF also exports its products to Indonesia, Myanmar, Vietnam and Thailand.

PAF’s executive management team possesses a remarkable level of skill and over 40 years experience in sugar industry. The design, engineering, sales, marketing, and customer service departments work together to accomplish manufacturing of products and its applications with excellent efficiency.

The main products manufactured by PAF for sugar production process are

  • Batch centrifugals
  • Continuous centrifugals
  • Automatic filter press
  • Candle Filters
  • Filters and screens
  • DCS control systems
  • Seed slurry mill
  • Pan crystal scope
  • Self-operated steam trap valves
  • Drum slicer
  • Twin screw press

With over 20 years experience in sugar industry, PAF has an experienced technical staff to design and develop new machines, perfect its products, and promote the quality standards of products to persistently meet or exceed sugar industry requirements.