Automation is not simply adding sensors and computers onto machinery; but it should optimize the production processes. Each individual sugar plant has its own characters; the automation solution should be able to maximize the potential of existing process and infrastructure.

PAF Automation has been providing the most reliable and cost effective control solutions for sugar industry since 1995. After working with more than 50 sugar manufactures and providing more hundreds of customized automation solutions for different sugar production process, we believe these valuable experiences can give us the confidence to provide a customer fit control solution and integrate the existing processes and infrastructure seamlessly.

Here are some of our feature control solutions:

  • Batch centrifugal control system
  • PD6 Vacume Pan automatic control system
  • pH control system

We also provide control solutions for many other process, such as: lime stone supply, steam control, and sugar transport and measure. No matter what you want to control for your sugar production process, our control system expert can always provide a solution for you.